Norton™ Secured Seal
The Most Trusted Mark

The Norton™ Secured Seal is included free of charge when you purchase any Symantec® SSL Certificate. When you display the Norton™ Secured Seal on your website, your customers will recognize the most trusted security mark on the internet and gain the confidence to complete their transactions.

Norton™ Secured Seal - A Valuable Asset

More recognized than any other trust mark, 91% of U.S. online shoppers are familiar with the Norton™ Secured Seal. (Synovate/GMI 2008 VeriSign® Secured Seal Research Review)

Show visitors that your website is secured using industry leading SSL Certificate technology.

Lower shopping cart / transaction abandonment.

Associate your brand with the trusted Symantec® brand - increasing consumer confidence and increasing conversions.

For some handy tips on where to position the Norton™ Secured Seal on your website for maximum impact, read our data sheet on Seal Positioning.

Features Of The Secured Seal

The design of the Norton™ Secured Seal is recognized as an international sign of trust on the internet. Over 90,000 domains in 145 countries display the Norton™ Secured Seal.

The Norton™ Secured Seal is available in 13 different languages and viewed an average of 150 million times each day.

A pop-up window displays full business authentication information when clicked by a visitor.

EV Upgrader™, built into the Norton™ Secured Seal, enables all Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP operating systems to see the visual cues associated with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Once you've installed the Norton™ Secured Seal, educate your users about what it means - add an explanation to your security and privacy information page or link back to this page.

If you already have a Symantec® SSL Certificate Click Here to find out how to install your Norton™ Secured Seal.

Our Symantec® Prices

Our pricing structure for our Symantec® products are well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of your Symantec® product works out to be excellent value and we'll even match any competitor price you have found. Find Out More

Symantec® Products Our Reseller Price
United States Dollars
Our Retail Price
Swiss Francs
Renew Order
Secure Site $279.00 CHF 339.00 Renew Order
Secure Site + EV $699.00 CHF 855.00 Renew Order
Secure Site Pro (SGC) $699.00 CHF 855.00 Renew Order
Secure Site Pro (SGC) + EV $1,199.00 CHF 1,285.00 Renew Order
Norton™ Secured Seal (Site Seal) N/A CHF 255.00 Renew Order

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